Important Info: Rezoning Request For Future Halfway House

The information and opinions contained in these documents are not necessarily the opinion of the Magnolia Place HOA or the MPHOA Board of Directors.  It is being posted for information only.

One of our neighbors shared some information about a request that has been presented to the Gwinnett County Commissioners to rezone a 61 acre parcel of land at Chandler Road and Bowman Road (1680 Chandler Road). The Fresh Start Foundations is requesting a rezoning from “R” residential to “O-I” Office-Institutional district. This district allows office, institutional and limited related retail and service uses.

The rezoning would allow the Fresh Start Foundations to build a 61 acre halfway house facility or “residential rehab center.” This map shows the property and its proximity to many neighborhoods, including our own. As the crow flies, the location is less than a mile from our front entrance.  The original email was sent to the Wheatfields residents in February. It mentions a public meeting on March 22 with the county commissioners.

If the close proximity of such a facility is a concern to you and your family, please read the information and contact the people involved. If the commissioners and Fresh Start Foundations don’t hear you say “NO”, they will assume you are giving your consent.

Map of the property
Introductory email
The rezoning request
Lakewood Behavioral Facility acreage information
Contact Information