May 2022 Newsletter


Community-wide meeting, May 14 @ 1pm at the pool.  Discussion of hours, rules and any questions that need to be answered regarding the pool and tennis courts.  If you have not picked up your keycard, you may pick it up that day.  It must be picked up by the homeowner.  ID is required! Pool volunteers are still needed. If we don’t have enough volunteers, our hours will have to be altered.

Magnolia Place yard sale Saturday, May 21, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Each participant is responsible for setup and take down in your own driveway.  It you would like to participate, please mail

General Business

  • ANY AND ALL work being done on the outside (whether front or back yard) of your home MUST be approved by the HOA.  MOST requests are approved.

Send an email to Or you can fill out the form online to request approval.

Work requests must be submitted in advance and approval response should be received thru email prior to work being performed. This takes time as the board members are volunteers and respond when available. Requests are not approved until response is received. Please save your approval letter after receiving it.

  • Please note that requests for work on your home WILL BE DENIED IF YOU ARE NOT CURRENT ON YOUR HOA FEES!
  • What activities would you like to have this summer and fall?  We would love your suggestions!
  • Do you have a graduating senior this year, either high school or college?  We would like to honor them.  Please send email to


Our Board members cannot handle all of the tasks needed to maintain our subdivision.

Committees and their duties are below:

Architectural Control Committee

The purpose of the ACC is to assure that any installation, construction or alteration on any lot remain within community standards as set for in the Covenants.  The ACC needs a minimum of 3 members and no more then 5 members.  Each member will serve for one calendar year.

Tom Stimpson is the Chair of the ACC and needs at least 3 people to volunteer!  You may contact him at

Pool Committee

The purpose of the pool committee is to assure homeowners have access to the pool during operating hours.  Volunteers will open in the morning, check chlorine levels, empty filters around the pool, hang phone and First Aid Kit in the pool house.  Volunteers will also close the pool in the evening.  Those duties include putting away phone and First Aid Kit, clean filter traps around pool, pick up any trash left by homeowners, check chlorine levels, straighten pool furniture and clean bathrooms.  We MUST have NO LESS THAN 8 people to volunteer so our pool can run efficiently.

Shaun Cropper is the Chair of the Pool Committee and can be contacted at

Welcome committee

The purpose of this committee is once given names and addresses of new homeowners, put together a welcome gift (to be determined by the committee) and deliver in a timely manner.  We need 2 more volunteers.

Do you have a business you would like to advertise?  Send your business card to

Magnolia Place Homeowners Association

930 New Hope Road, Box #1-136

Lawrenceville, GA 30045